Biodynamic Outdoor Cultivation

avl craft cannabis biodynamic outdoor harvest

Bio-dynamic farming takes a regenerative approach that emphasizes self-sustainability. Biodynamic methods never use GMOs, synthetic chemicals, fertilizers, or pesticides. Instead, they integrate plants, animals, water, air, and soil into a regulating ecosystem. 


biodynamic outdoor cannabis field


Asheville Craft Cannabis was proud to be the first producer of Demeter Certified Biodynamic hemp (fall 2019) products in the United States, grown on our certified organic, and biodynamic farm in Western North Carolina.

Biodynamic goes beyond organic. Receiving Demeter certification mandates adherence to rigorous standards insofar as imported fertility, disease, pest and weed control, water conservation and biodiversity in addition to the criteria outlined by the National Organic Program


avl craft biodynamic outdoor cannabis

Demeter USA certifies Biodynamic farms and products in the U.S.A. Named after the Greek goddess of agriculture, Demeter International was formed in 1928 to advocate Biodynamic agriculture and certify Biodynamic farms. Demeter remains the oldest ecological certification organization in the world, active in fifty countries around the globe.

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