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Asheville Craft Cannabis is driven by a passion for sustainable agriculture. We are experienced artisans growing and crafting high-CBD medicinal cannabis via regenerative, small-batch methods.

Based in Asheville, North Carolina, we are part of a community that values locally produced goods and the stories behind them. We place a high value upon environmental sustainability and the abundant gifts offered by the land.

Our facilities are located in West Asheville at Smith Mill Works, a 28-acre reclaimed greenhouse facility that is home to multiple local businesses that embody our shared ideals of sustainability, organic food production, and land stewardship.

what is craft cannabis?

modern indoor & greenhouse facilities

High-Tech Indoor: Our state-of-the-art indoor facility makes it possible to push cannabis cultivar genetics to their highest level of performance. We utilize entirely organic practices, careful attention to soil biology, and premium-grade inoculants in an environmentally controlled facility.

Modern Greenhouse: Our industry-leading greenhouses provide us with complete environmental control supplemented by the benefits of all-natural sunlight. Paired with our house-made organic nutrients and extensive canopy management, our greenhouse flower rivals indoor quality levels.

Biodynamic Sustainability: A regenerative approach to agriculture that supersedes "organic" certification and emphasizes self-sustainability, Asheville Craft Cannabis is proud to be the sole producer of Certified Biodynamic hemp flower in the United States!

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modern cultivation methods

Homemade Living Soil Mixes: Our unique soil blends boost our regenerative cannabis farming methods and support strong, healthy plants.

Watering Craft Cannabis By Hand: Watering with organic living-nutrient particles clogs conventional automated drip systems with particles from our home-brewed organic tea mixture. So, it's for the best that we organic farmers are forced to hand-water!

Modern Cannabis Propagation: Cannabis propagation is the process of growing new cannabis clones that are genetically identical versions of a donor plant from seeds, cuttings, stems, or leaves.

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homemade living soil mixes

Craft Cannabis Companies take pride in producing their own high quality homemade live-soil mixes to support the plants. Simply put, large scale facilities cannot match Craft soil quality. Some cannabis cultivators are putting an unusually high amount of energy in developing unique soil blends that boost their regenerative cannabis farming methods and support strong plants.

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watering craft cannabis by hand

Craft Cannabis and intimate watering go hand in hand. Watering with the types of organics that Craft does (meaning all-natural, sometimes living, nutrient particles) would clog a conventional automated drip system with particles from the organic tea mixture, so it's almost for the better that organic farmers be forced to hand water their crop and build their grower-pant relationship.

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modern cannabis propagation

Cannabis propagation is the process of growing new cannabis clones that are a genetically identical version of a donor plant from its; seeds, cuttings, stems, or leaves. Plant propagation can also refer to the man-made or natural dispersal of seeds.

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