consciously cultivated cannabis

We maintain the quality of our products by partnering with the only the finest cannabis producers, dedicated to high-quality cannabis and sustainable manufacturing products. Our fresh flower jars are purged with nitrogen gas, greatly reducing the oxidation process which guarantees that your cannabis flower arrives fresh, every time.

customer reviews

I received a couple products from ACC as a gift.... and immediately placed an order for more CBD after. They offer a beautifully balanced product, lovely customer service, and timely shipping. Absolutely reccomend these guys for all your CBD needs. Can't wait to try the other products they offer.

Kierrah Wilson

High-quality products come from well-run companies with great people. The friendly and knowledgeable folks at Asheville Craft Cannabis are dedicated to the highest levels of healthy horticulture. The quality of their products reflects their dedication. Always.

Ken House

The indoor grown CM I ordered has been smooth, mellow and deeply relaxing with absolutely lovely buds. Please give my compliments to the growers.


I love this product! It’s one of the few CBD’s I’ve tried that I actually feel, and it also doesn’t make me tired like most strains. It’s helped me relieve pain and just calm down in general. Highly recommend.

Alex Norton