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Cannabis education and lifelong learning are the essence of our craft. We apply life's lessons to the art of cultivation, and share our research with fellow farmers and our community.

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what is craft cannabis?

Craft Cannabis is the cultivation of high quality, small-batch cultivar (aka strains), grown with locally sourced materials and regenerative farming methods. Craft is about growing with attention to detail, creating an emotional bond between cultivator, water, land, and each individual plant.

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sustainable vs regenerative

In the past year, the cannabis and CBD communities have seen the arrival of companies first making sustainable practices claims, and now the recent shift to boasting regenerative farming, but how are they different? And what happened to Organic?

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indoor cannabis flower cultivation

When it comes to Craft Cannabis, the indoor growing environment allows us to recreate test conditions scientifically and improve upon the future greenhouse-controlled natural environment. Indoors, plants are pushed to the limits to produce ideal characteristics through specific light, water, and nutrient inputs.

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Visit our articles page to learn more about different cannabis cultivation methods we use including indoor, greenhouse and biodynamic practices.

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