Sustainable Practices vs Regenerative Farming

Sustainable Practices vs Regenerative Farming

Sustainable Practices vs Regenerative Farming in Craft Cannabis

In the past few years, the Cannabis and CBD communities have seen the arrival of many companies claiming to use sustainable methods. The trend has been to boast about being regenerative farming, but how are those two different, and whatever happened to Organic?

Sustainable Practice is a socially responsible, environmentally friendly, and economically viable business model with methods that can be sustained forever, causing minimal adverse effects to the surrounding environment. Sustainable economic values almost always result when a business includes socially responsible policies in its growth strategy.

In short, sustainable means that the company minimizes its negative impact on the environment, but doesn't necessarily mean that it takes responsibility for reducing its carbon footprint or improving energy efficiency.

sustainable regenerative cannabis methods

On the other hand, regenerative methods positively affect the surrounding environment by utilizing natural processes and ecosystems that create the materials necessary for closed-loop cultivation. Adopting re-generation practices involves widening the circle: expanding your world beyond any single farm. Ultimately, regenerative farming weaves neighbors community together while giving craft value to each element used to create the product.

Humans have tended to separate and isolate things throughout history, focusing on individual crops and clearing the fields of any other plant. This crop isolation is known as mono-crop culture and is not sustainable or regenerative. These methods are killing the soil and the environment. Even worse, when it became clear that mono-cropping was an issue for the soil, farmers used human-made nutrients and chemical pesticides to combat new plant enemies.

regenerative craft cannabis farming

Fortunately, modern farming is evolving almost naturally from mono-crop culture to sustainable practices, and now from sustainable practices to regenerative methods. These changes are, in turn, all pushing toward closed-loop cultivation. Ultimately, the goal is to use one farm to grow, cultivate, and produce everything using only natural processes to run the greenhouses and cannabis cultivation. Especially in cannabis, each element supports every other aspect that's key to creating all-natural products.

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Craft cannabis cultivators believe that the answer is to use a diversity of plants that boost fertilization and protection from predators and diseases, as happens in nature.

So whatever happened to Organic? Maybe we should be asking more about the origin of our products...

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