up to 14% CBD  |  CBD/THC - 26:1  |   <0.3% selta-9 THC  |  

‘Sweetened’ Energizing. This Sativa dominant hybrid contains high levels of Pinene which is purported to help with short-term memory loss. Along with myrcene, which has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. Known for it's uplifting effect on the body, Sweetened is said to be a great mood boost, that helps with stress, anxiety, pain and depression.

Breeder: Unknown

The 'Sweetened' cultivar is Sativa dominant and was bred from the hemp strains, Cherry and Otto II.

Tasting Notes:

Sweetened flower has an overall grassy, earthy sweetness with fruity, piney spice exhibiting notes of lavender and licorice which intensifiy when you grind the bud.


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Flowering Period, 60-70 days

"An incredible biomass strain for high-potency cannabis oil tinctures. Large but low, bushy growing plant with very close node spacing." 

"The most disease, pathogen, mold proof plant we grow that produces huge buds that are loose and fluffy, dripping with CBD."

For anyone growing for oil, our Sweetened is foolproof, hearty, resistant and guaranteed to produce mass.

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