Flower Tasting Notes

Did you know that just like in the wine-tasting world, the CBD tasting experience is cherished and nurtured? Almost every cannabis consumer has some ritual, and many involve "the smoke chew." The purpose of chewing your inhale is to bring each taste to the front of your mouth and identify them individually.

Even though we sometimes share our cannabis experience, tasting cannabis flower is always personal. Each tasting style is different, but there are a few process guidelines that are followed universally. Here are the three main steps to tasting cannabis and CBD flowers.

How do you taste CBD Flower? 

  1. Examine your flower, How dense is the bud? How is the cure?
  2. Smell the aromas, Break the flower apart. What aromas can you smell?
  3. Light it up. Taste the flavors, What do you taste? Is it smooth or sharp? Can you recognize any of the flavors below?


How should CBD taste?

The concept of vocabulary used to define cannabis tastes is becoming an essential tool for medical marijuana patients, caregivers, consumers, and cultivators alike.

In a test performed by Green House Seed Co. in the Netherlands, they identified the terpenes in each of their strains. They developed a "flavor wheel" to help medical marijuana patients decide on their strain of choice based on the effects desired.

Terpenes are what give taste variety to cannabis. By mapping out terpene profiles, we can predict and even change the effects of cultivar varieties, giving breeders endless opportunities for developing new, highly-desired cannabis strains by basing breeding decisions on real analytical data.

The more we can communicate using the same language, the easier it is for everyone to clearly understand what medicine they are getting.

Cannabis Flavor Wheel

Find this Cannabis Flavor Wheel here
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