cherry mom


up to 21% CBD  |  CBD/THC - 23:1  |   <0.3% delta-9 THC  

‘Cherry Mom’ A real show stopper. Cherry Mom has quickly become a house favorite. Our most indica-dominant,  relaxing and calming cultivar. It produces high levels of myrcene which has sedative effects as well as anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Ocimene is a decongestant, anti-fungal and anti-viral. Limonene imparts citrus flavors and addresses anxiety and depression.


Bred here in North Carolina and also known as, 'Carolina Girl' This cultivar was gifted to us locally as a single clone and is a uniquely amazing pheno representation.This premium strain originated from breeding The Wife, female and Charlotte’s Cherries, male, both top-tier strains.

Tasting Notes:

The buds themselves are extremely dense, with a heavy nose of buttery sweet blueberry. In short, the whole room is going to know when you open a bag of Cherry Mom.


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Flowering Period: 52-60 days

"Cherry Mom plants are low, squatty growing, bushy plants with small compact round leafs that are heavy on the indica genetics. Canopy management is key with this strain, but as far as bud support, the dense bushy plant can almost take care of it by itself."

"The buds themselves are very dense, with a heavy nose and buttery sweet blueberry muffin terpene profile, meaning that the whole room is going to know when you open a bag of Cherry Mom."

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