aka 'strain' variety

aka 'strain' variety

Cultivar: cul·ti·var [kuhl-tuh-vahr]: ‘noun’ by merriam-webster: "an organism and especially one of an agricultural or horticultural variety or strain originating and persistent under cultivation” [. . .] but we prefer's definition: "a variety of plant that originated and persisted under cultivation.”

Simply put, cultivars are varietals of a plant species that have been selected and bred for their unique expressions; many know them as ‘strains.’

premium cbd-potent cultivars

Frosted Lime Placement Holder

Frosted Lime

Invigorating, refreshing, and uplifting. The flowers contain high levels of limonene, which imparts the most notable citrus aroma and is purported to assist with depression and anxiety. It is also rich in caryophyllene, myrcene, and ocimene, all of which have anti-inflammatory effects.

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Cherry Mom

A real showstopper. Our most indica-dominant, relaxing, and calming cultivar, it produces high levels of myrcene, which have sedative as well as anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Ocimene is a decongestant, antifungal, and antiviral. Limonene imparts citrus flavors and addresses anxiety and depression.

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Siskiyou Gold

Siskiyou Gold engenders a deeply grounding effect upon the mind and body. It contains high levels of myrcene, which has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and sedative effects.

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This Sativa-dominant, energizing hybrid contains high levels of Pinene which is purported to help with short-term memory loss, as well as myrcene, which has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. Known for its uplifting effect upon the body, Sweetened is said to be a great mood booster, ameliorating the effects of stress, anxiety, pain, and depression.

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Coming Soon...

We're always working on something new! Stay tuned for the newest cultivar cultivations that we're working on in the Asheville Craft Cannabis Laboratories...

Your Custom Strain?

Are you a business looking for a custom strain? Get in touch and tell us about your project. We'd be happy to work with you on creating your own boutique hemp strain.

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We select our cannabis flower from the highest quality stock from local cultivation partners. Each hand-picking the most desirable traits from amongst thousands of cannabis seeds. Like a child, each seed possesses its own subtle difference in genetic expression, otherwise known as its ‘phenotype.’

Growers identify outstanding plants for their heartiness, pest and disease resistance, structure, appetite, and ability to endure environmental stresses. These winners move on to the next stage — flowering. Final genetic selections are made based upon the quality of the flower: presentation, flavor and aroma, effects, and yield, with additional attention to cannabinoid levels, terpene levels, and compliance.

We are constantly vetting new cultivars and sourcing ideal phenotypes in order to unlock the full potential of this amazing plant. In addition to research and development, we maintain an ever-growing and exciting library of strains for our customers and cultivators.

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