What is Craft Cannabis?

What is Craft Cannabis?

Craft is simply hand-crafted?

Craft Cannabis is the cultivation of high-quality, small-batch cultivar (aka unique cannabis strains), grown locally with sourced materials and regenerative farming methods. Craft Cannabis cultivators grow with attention to detail, focused on building to an emotional bond between the land, the water, each plant, as well as the consumer.

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Technically, the definition of a 'Craft' is "manufacturing by hand with or without the aid of tools." Still, the term Craft typically refers to a manufacturing technique with the hobbies of handicrafts. Here in North Carolina mountains, we like to think of Craft as any industry where there's an infinite room for personal expression or creativity during the manufacturing process.

Craft stands out by being adventurous. What we mean is that Budweiser, for example, has a set of beers that they do well, without diving too deep into complexity. On the other hand, the Wicked Weed Brewery experiments with new tastes all the time. They're continually releasing something new to the public, even if the final product isn't polished (funny fact, both companies are owned by Anheuser-Busch). When it comes to CBD and Hemp, Craft Cannabis is continuously pushing the envelope and looking for the newest cultivar to fine-tune genetically.

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In general, Craft Products take on an element that's often forgotten, the energy of the individuals cultivating and crafting the production materials. With Craft, everybody is a part of each component of the chain. Each person brings their unique energy to the project, day after day. Naturally, that energy makes its way into the creation, in our case, the plants. We have personal relationships with every plant and each material used in their growth. The final product is a culmination of every touch, each small expression of individual, and mother earth, together.

"Craft Cannabis is the passion of the people who bring a whole new depth to every aspect of the final product..."

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Craft is of consistent quality. Hands-on creators can maintain absolute quality control in ways that large operations can't. Each of us is a creator and are passionate about our many roles in the process. It's not like working down a conveyor-belt; Craft means that everything is done by hand. Handmade means that there's an opportunity for quality control that doesn't exist in mass production. When you see and touch the cannabis plants every day, you notice changes and effects and react quickly to maintain optimal conditions.

In the end, Craft means having ownership of each element and the many individual processes it took to create the final product. Craft is not about focusing on the financial bottom line, or ever cutting corners to save costs. Craft Cannabis is the passion of the people who bring a whole new depth to every aspect of creating a product.

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Starting with the soil and the plant, a unique and all-encompassing story is told through unmatched quality from our craft farm to your table.

Written by Daniel Rock, from an interview with Taig Rehmel
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