Indoor Cannabis Cultivation

Indoor Cannabis Cultivation

When it comes to Craft Cannabis, indoor growing environments allow to experiment with ideal growing conditions and select future genetics to implement in large-scale, greenhouse production. Indoor plants are cultivated to their maximum potential to identify outstanding characteristics through specific light, water, and nutrient inputs in a smaller controlled space to produce a top-quality product simultaneously.

indoor cannabis chamberEach flowering chamber features independent, state of the art, remotely automated equipment to control airspeed, temperature, humidity, CO2, lighting conditions, etc. These systems are connected to a remote generator since an unforeseen loss of power can compromise the facility's ongoing processes


When growers support a natural biome that includes an array of beneficial bacteria, fungi, trichoderma, etc. that have symbiotic water needs and help break down nutrients, they utilize a natural barrier of protection against disease pathogens for the root system and the plant as a whole.
indoor craft cannabis ashevilleNature becomes the caretaker, and we are allowed to work less by omitting harmful chemical products. In return, we experience added depths of character beyond what meets the eye in cannabis flower.


black dog led lights indoorIndoor flower chambers employ highly efficient Black Dog LED grow lighting for their array of benefits. Firstly, these lights require less energy to run than traditional grow lights. They also produce significantly less heat, reducing the amount of cooling needed for the growing space. Another environmental factor is that LED lights are long-lasting. Commonly used High-Pressure Sodium, Metal Halide, and Ceramic Metal Halide have short lifespans and must be replaced several times per year, resulting in high levels of toxic chemicals being discarded.

Black Dog LED lights produce a spectrum that includes high UV and infrared light, closely mimicking natural sunlight. So unlike other grow lights, we can propagate in an indoor controlled environment and then transition them outside, to the field or greenhouse, with zero light shock since they are already experiencing harsh infrared and UV indoors

The unique Black Dog spectrum reduces our canopy management by influencing the plant to grow bushier and more horizontal, allowing for larger bud size, denser yields, and more available clones per square foot. Conveniently, the extreme UV light level also does a portion of pathogen and mold control in the environment as these short-wavelength rays are useful in disinfecting air and surfaces..

When speaking of smokable flower, there's a certain quality level that consumers have come to expect that can't be found from hemp grown in a field. Indoor is where scientific passion can experiment. The conditions are perfect for pushing test plants and learning more before implementing them in the greenhouse for large scale growing.

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