Watering Craft Cannabis By Hand

Watering Craft Cannabis By Hand

Asheville Craft Cannabis is always hand-watered

Craft Cannabis and intimate watering go hand in hand. It may seem overwhelming when there are several greenhouses and hundreds or thousands of plants. Still, it’s key to quality and is another example of what makes us stand apart from massive scale competition.
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With the unique types of organic cultivation that we implement, the water itself is full of living organisms, proteins, and raw organic particulate matter resulting from our house-blended nutrients and teas. Not only would these substances clog a conventional irrigation system, but they're needed to disperse into the soil to complete an efficient soil-food web and to facilitate soil regeneration and re-use process.

On the other hand, mass production facilities use water-soluble, chemically chelated nutrients. Though this does allow for the use of automated watering systems, the manufacturing and service of theses nutrients create environmentally damaging runoff. This runoff compromises the quality of the final product and safety for the user.watering craft cannabis banner

Craft Cannabis Cultivation partners embrace hand watering for many reasons, one of which is that it allows to monitor every plant up close throughout its entire life cycle. These personal interactions gives the ability to control quality, detect the earliest sign of pest or pathogen threats, and continue the evolution of cultivars and methods.

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After months of watering, pruning, defoliating, dressing, and trimming, cannabis plants have been affected by their environment, from soil to sky. Craft cannabis is about organically nurturing every element that goes into creating each cannabis plant, especially the human element from both grower and consumer.

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