Modern Cannabis Propagation

Modern Cannabis Propagation

Cannabis propagation is the creation and multiplication of new cannabis plants via seed or clone. When it comes to Asheville Craft Cannabis, we choose our plants from the highest quality stock, select the most desirable traits from among thousands of seeds and then duplicate through state-of-the-art cloning and live tissue culture.

  • Every new strain we take on is sprouted in large numbers and tracked daily throughout its vegetative growth process.
  • We identify outstanding plants for their heartiness, pest & disease resistance, structure, appetite, and ability to endure environmental stresses.
  • The winners move on to the next stage, which is flowering.
  • Final genetic selections are made based on flower yield, cannabinoid testing levels and compliance, and their ideal growing environment.

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    Plants start in our custom-built, bio-controlled, indoor propagation facility. With multiple layers of bio-security and climate control, the plants we grow are given a clean slate from the beginning. Entry to the facility features a UV and hepa-filtered double airlock where the air is disinfected and exchanged. The walls and floors of each room are seamed together, and pressure tested to eliminate air exchange. This control chamber ensures mitigation of outside contaminants.


    craft cannabis clonesOur chosen plants are propagated through aeroponic cloning for fast, extensive root system development without pests, pathogens, or diseases. Cuttings are taken from mother plants that grow indoors under Black Dog LED lights that produce a light spectrum similar to natural sunlight. Clones avoid the shock of being transplanted into a new environment.

    To avoid genetic drift after repeated generations of cloning, we periodically refresh our mother plants by live tissue culture storage and propagation. This 'refreshing' preserves our best strains' original genetic stock, maintains consistency, and retains the seed mothers' potential.

    As our catalog of strains and unique phenotypes grows, we begin acquiring new cultivar and breeding from our proven lines.

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